Phill Hopkins | Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring 2024

Phill Hopkins will be represented by Kadip Gallery at
The Affordable Art Fair Battersea Spring 2024
6 - 10 March 2024
Battersea Evolution, Battersea Park, Queenstown Road, London SW11 4NJ, UK

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Kadip Gallery will present Hopkins' 'Sea Pictures' a series of five paintings and other works.
Hopkins writes about the Sea Pictures:
"In June a friend introduced me to an Edward Elgar piece, 'Sospiri', a really beautiful piece for cello (I fantasise about being able to play a musical instrument, especially the cello. I watch Rostropovich very closely). Listening to this reminded me of his 'Sea Pictures' song cycle; I first heard a young mezzo-soprano singing one of the songs in a local church some years ago.
On new year's day in 2021 Susie and I made a trip to Flambouorgh Head; it's been a tradition of ours to mark the new year by visiting the sea. Touching the water at the edge of the land is an important thing for me to do, it makes a mark. Everyone likes to be the first to spot the sea when traveling to the coast. On that particular day I made a number of photographs at the two Landings.
On my return after editing the sea photographs, Elgar's Sea Pictures came to mind, so I selected five of the photographs and made five small drawings.
After hearing 'Sospiri' (from the Italian "sighing") I found my 'Sea Pictures' and decided to make five much larger works.
What is interesting is looking at each painting in relation to the title, they perhaps take you beyond what's there in the paint. My titles are usually matter-of-fact, confirming what's in the picture.
Painting the series has taken me on a bit of a tangent and I'll be glad to get back to my Walking Aheads. It was important for me to paint them though, allowing myself to move freely"

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