Phill Hopkins I Galerie Fernando Santos

'Some Paintings with a Figure and Some Without'
New paintings by Phill Hopkins
Galeria Fernando Santos - Space 531, Porto, Portugal
Preview Saturday 11 June at 16:00

Galeria Fernando Santos will present 'Some Paintings with a Figure and Some Without' their first exhibition by the British artist Phill Hopkins.
The show will include works from the artist's 'Walking Ahead' series, that depict landscapes with a single figure ahead of the viewer,
'Simple Landscapes' part of the 'Winterreise' series and Prussian blue monochrome drawings.

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In the Landscape
The landscape and nature is grounding.
The landscape invites me to physically navigate it, drawing me away from being too confined within my own head.
The landscape allows me to be aware of the elements external to myself and my thoughts.
The landscape acts as a mirror, reflecting patterns in myself, inviting and allowing me to make intimate physical and emotional connections.
The landscape connects me to my own history, the person I was and my ancestry.
The landscape allows me to shift my perspective and to feel present in my own body.
- Phill Hopkins