Phill Hopkins | House of Questions

House of Questions
7 - 24 November 2020 POSTPONED
Church of the Epiphany
227 beech Lane, Leeds LS9 6SW UK

Launch event Saturday 7 November 2020 - Book tickets HERE

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In February Phill Hopkins was awarded a six month visual arts bursary by Leeds Church Institute. 'House of Questions' is the result of the concentrated time of work and features an installation consisting of a ‘lychgate’, a large house containing a video piece, a tricycle, a table, drawings and over two hundred photographic/mixed-media works.

A new publication, in the form of a tabloid newspaper, will accompany the exhibition. It features images of works in the exhibition, stills and questions from the video piece and new writing by Hopkins

“I am on a journey. I am travelling by train to London. It's Valentine's Day 2020. A week ago I was awarded a visual art bursary from Leeds Church Institute. I am particularly excited by this. As the train moves through the dark evening, I am drawing and thinking, as I spend much of my time doing. Although I am tired from a days teaching, my mind is alight with ideas. I'm making images of a house, a place where people could sit together. In the top right hand corner of the page, I write, "Title: House of ? questions". I'm thinking, what if we were not just allowed to, but actively encouraged to ask questions about anything we wanted, even though they may not be easy to answer, if at all? What if, when hearing the questions of others, we realised that in our answers different opinions were lodged? What if, although we held contrasting views, even at odds, it might be possible to sit gently with one another in our polarity? What if I made a house where a group of people, with their differing views, could take a seat? Not to shout, not to argue, but perhaps, to simply begin to talk and listen?

In my work I often "go around the houses" literally, when developing ideas and usually come back to my original thinking; that first thought. In 'House of Questions' I have come back to rest in my initial idea. In response to this premise, during the six months of the bursary, I have created a large body of work consisting of photographs, drawings, sculptures, mixed media pieces, videos and the installation. I have read many new things and engaged in many conversations with those interest- ed in art and theology. I have uncovered various new things and have often surprised myself.”