Phill Hopkins | A House Within A Home

'A House Within A Home' part of 'On the Corner Beeston' during INDEX Festival during Yorkshire Sculpture International Festival.
BasementArtsProgect, Leeds UK
June - September 2019

Phill Hopkins, a graduate of Goldsmith’s in the 1980’s and whose work can be found in many collections including the Leeds Collection, is a regular contributor to the programme here at BasementArtsProject. ‘House Within a Home’ will see him scaling up some sculptural forms from previous work and merging them with elements of his current practice, which will also involve an integrated audio work, creating an immersive installation filling the entire basement. Working at such a miniature scale as he has in the past, Hopkin’s work invites us to think about the human scale of world events and how these impact upon our perception of the world. For ‘House Within a Home’ Hopkins will be bringing the exterior indoors and reversing the notion of a home being built within a house, thereby emphasising the distinction between the house and the home.