Phill Hopkins Selected for Left Bank Art Prize

Phill Hopkins has been selected for 'Movement' - Left Bank's Summer Exhibition and the launch of the Left Bank Art Prize.
'Golden Train', a previously un-shown work which is made from 30 pieces of A2 sized paper and measures over 4 metres
in length, will be installed at Left Bank.

Opening on Wednesday 18 July - 18:00 - 21:00
Exhibitions runs until 21 July 2018 - daily from 10:00 - 16:00
Left Bank Leeds - Cardigan Road, Leeds UK.

About Golden Train
This work was started in Hopkins' small studio in late 2015, where he had made it in pieces. It was later, as Hopkins
considered, completed during a residency at &model Gallery, Leeds in late 2016, where he was able to work on the
piece as a whole. Recently Hopkins has again continued work on the piece and it is now complete. The piece refers
to a news story about the transportation of refugees from Eastern Europe to Central Europe and depicts a mother and
child aboard a train. Hopkins' originally used a screenshot on his phone to make a small drawing using gold nail varnish
and in the large piece has used glitter to replace the nail varnish.