Phill Hopkins in OBSESSION: Love, Ritual, Collection

Phill Hopkins will show the ‘Frieze Variations’ 2013 in ‘OBSESSION: Love, Ritual, Collection’ curated by Charlotte Meddings at Embassy Tea Gallery, London.
Phill Hopkins writes about the work:
“I am a collector of collections. I collected all kinds of things as a boy; I Spy books, bird’s eggs, car number plates, Action Men, and many other things.
As an adult I continue to collect; West German ceramics, Romanian jugs, Italian ceramics, 1950/60 coffee and tea pots and so on… I mourn the loss of my childhood collections, either given away, sold or lost.
My work reflects my collecting.
I have a tendency to make work in series or ‘variations’, referencing my collecting.
The ‘Frieze Variations’, made in late 2013, consists of twenty-nine individual drawings on gallery announcement cards that I collected at Frieze Art Fair in London. The images on the cards are based on photographs taken at the site of the demolition of my local sports centre”

Embassy Tea Gallery
Exhibition dates:
24-27 June by appointment only - please email
27 June Private View 18:00-21:00
28-29 June General Admission 11:00-17:00

OBSESSION: Love, Ritual, Collection is the second installment of a three part project that deals with hidden worlds, private collections and obsessional behaviors.