Phill Hopkins - Easter (Gas Variations)

Phill Hopkins’ ‘Easter (Gas Variations)’, a new large scale piece, will be on show at St George’s Church, Leeds from 11 April and throughout Holy Week.

Phill Hopkins writes about this new work

“I have taken many photographs in central Leeds of the pieces of cardboard left after being used to sit on by people who ask passers-by for spare change. These pieces that are carefully selected and placed resonate with my own use of cardboard as a material for making drawings on and with.

The cardboard used in my piece here had previously been laid in the central aisle at St George’s Church. Many hundreds of people have trodden on it and unknowingly participate in the piece.

In the context of the church the cardboard is certainly not gold, frankincense or myrrh, it is worthless, but the people who beg and use it as insulation from the cold imbue it with value. The piece is the net of a box. It is flattened, opened, exposed, deconstructed or yet to be made-up”