studio blog


19:02 and I have just painted the body and face of Nelson Mandela, the second piece of my triptych. Like the fist that I painted a few days ago, I've used my pink emulsion with chestnut varnish and acrylic black. It's a very strange mix of colours. It's a very strange face. I'm wondering what kind of face and colour it is. The mix of emulsion and varnish is very peculiar. I've been to the pub after work and am having another pint whilst painting here in the studio. There's a strange half light as the night draws in. I've been listening to a lot of Bob Marley lately. It's good summer music but filled with poignant political and spiritual touches. It's good music with good subject matter. I'm thinking of Rauschenberg too and of course Guston; both are never far from me.