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I'm thinking about the triptych I'm working on before me on the floor, whilst listening to Schumann songs. It started as a single painting of a hand holding a bag of dog shit; that's all it was going to be. On my way to work I've been passing an increasing piles of black bags full of shit and feeling angry at seeing this. The drawing that I am working from was made in 2016; a small square in pencil. The image reminds me of an armed protester carrying a piece of concrete ready to throw. When I saw the Trump baby blimp, when he visited the UK on Friday 13th July(!), I thought that the two images related to each other. I was then reminded of a cover image from the New Yorker magazine from 2013 for the centennial of Nelson Mandela's birth. Comparing the images of the arms, I liked the way one pointed down, somewhat in shame, and the other was raised as a fist in triumphant solidarity. So very quickly the single painting became a three. I’m trying to keep it simple by using just a few colours, as sometimes I over complicate things for myself and maybe overwork things.